Crack in the Road

New: The Strokes - All The Time

Now this is more like it. No ridiculously cheesy synth sections, Casablancas staying within his vocal range and there’s even an Is This It-esque guitar solo, All The Time is the comeback single that The Strokes should have gone with, as oppose to the horrendously garish One Way Trigger. Without meaning to crush any sense of innovation, this track is a true testimony to the ‘if it is broken, don’t try and fix it’ cliche. Check it out below.

New: Pure X - Things in My Head

This year is shaping up to be a fantastic year for music, with brilliant albums from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Youth Lagoon and Rhye already released / on their way, and now Austin’s Pure X have announced details of their forthcoming sophomore record. Crawling Up The Stairs will be released 14 May via Acephale Records, with Things In My Head being the first single taken from the LP. Less shoegaze driven than previous releases, it’s a bolder, more rounded sound, in truth not too far from the slick-rock temperament of UMO. Check it out underneath, and pre-order the record here.

New: Rips - Gone

With 2013 heralding the supposed long-awaited ‘return of guitar music’, newly formed Brooklyn outfit Rips go to show that making such predictions is an utterly pointless task, by tearing up the handbook, and exploding onto the scene with this fantastic debut track, despite not even having existed when those initial predictions were formed. The new musical outlet of Four Visions aka Daniel Abary, this debut track Gone is far more energetic and raw than anything he’s done before, much more The Strokes meets Wavves than the dream-pop Abary has dappled in before. Check it out below.

New: Broken House - I Fell

With barely audible female vocals and a delicately plucked guitar, Adelaide’s Broken House may only have two minutes of music to her name, but what a promising couple of minutes it is. I Fell may be minimal, vague and ambiguous, yet it’s utterly enrapturing, a trait that so much music coming from Australia seems to be able to embody so elegantly. Check it out below.

New: The 1975 - Heads.Cars.Bending

Here’s a bit of a curveball from Manchester outfit The 1975. Having rocketed up the Radio 1 playlists with last month’s single Chocolate, this track taken from their forthcoming EP, Music For Cars, is quite a departure from the built for stadiums anthems that they’d previously unleashed. Heads.Cars.Bending sits somewhere between the disjointed, electronic click that’s dominated blogs of late and the epic, synth pop of M83 that will undoubtedly open up them to a broader audience at numerous summer festivals. Check it out below, and pre-order Music For Cars here.

News: Muse Announce New Album The 2nd Law

In a bizarre two minute video posted on their Youtube channel, UK rock trio Muse have announced details of their sixth studio album, set to be released in September 2012. Titled The 2nd Law the short trailer showcases some awful acting, cliched stockfootage and a clip of what may or may not be new Muse material. Opening with a chorus of violins and an epic choir, the trailer soon descends into a Skrillex style dubstep number, possibly hinting at a future direction for the group.

The group began recording in September last year and have apparently been working with David Campbell, who has previously pulled the strings for Adele, Radiohead and Beck amongst others. It remains to be seen whether this ‘Musestep’ (as one fan affectionately titled it) will form the basis for The 2nd Law; but judging by the trailer, here’s hoping it’s not.


Introducing: Maggie Moon

Strolling onto the scene with a slightly ungainly youthful charisma and a twee take on riot grrrl, Maggie Moon may well have just invented bubblegumpunk (bubblegunk?). Armed with quirky, upbeat choruses (I Will Die) and an almost sleazy ability to write sexually frustrated pop gems (Shine), this three track EP from the Pomona quintet is chockablock with thrills, frills and an adorable sense of friendship. ‘You’re such a crazy loverboy' screeches the female lead singer on Boop Dap Beep Dap, coming across like an even more lo-fi Be Your Own Pet or even Metric without the outlandish production values. Check out their debut EP Werewolf Thumb below.


New: Parks - Dance Again

Pitch shifted vocals? Check. Floaty, vaguely dream-pop inspired synths? Check. An obscure, ‘ungoogeable’ name and very little information? You bet. So it’s got all the makings of a future buzz track, but hey, it’s great so I’m not going to pick any faults. The identity and whereabouts of Parks will undoubtedly be revealed at some point in the near future, but until then, enjoy Dance Again, available to stream below.


Stream: Friends - Manifest!

Manifest! the long awaited debut album from quirky Brooklyn pop outfit Friends is set to be released on Monday (4 June) and is now available to stream in it’s entirety. With last years hit single I’m His Girl racking up hundreds of thousands of plays online, this nine track LP will seek to build on the hype accumulated in 2011. Manifest! is released on Fat Possum Records.Stream via The Guardian.


Introducing: An Blonds

Whatever you do, don’t try and Google search the UK’s An Blonds to see if anyone else has written about them, trust me, the results are far from pretty. Aside from scarring my eyes for life, their three debut tracks are inspired electro-pop numbers, drawing elements from both mainstream pop and early 80’s synth hits. There’s a bizarre disjointedness to their sound that’s strangely appealing; they’re not perfect, but quite frankly, they don’t sound as if they want to be. The lovelorn Breathed You Outpirouettes wonderfully, dark and feverishly bewitching, recounting stories of controlling partners and forgotten friendships.

The group, who have very little information available online, aside from two tracks on their Soundcloud and three on their Bandcamp alongside Twin Peaks influenced imagery, embody the mysterious and enchanting that we’re all to used to at the moment. All in all, these three debut tracks are luminously enticing, and hopefully, the start of a fruitful career. Check out Breathed You Out and This Is The Girl below, via Soundcloud and El Mudovia Bandcamp.